Country Music Done Right! 

Nash East only plays popular country songs that everyone knows and loves. We cover todays and yesterdays top hit makers. Our song selection and the way we play it, will have your guests up and dancing the entire time. We offer 3, 4 & 5 piece bands depending upon your budget, sound volume and if any space constraints. 

Nash East specializes in country themed; parties, weddings, corporate events, fundraisers and township concerts. We appeal to all age groups. Upon your request Nash East will tailor their set towards either the "Classic" or "Contemporary" spectrum of country music. Nash East will include several classic rock and southern rock songs by The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, CCR, The Who and others. 


Nash East NEVER double or triple books the same day as many other Agency bands do. You will always get the Nash East core members that are on our fifth year and over 400 live performances together, playing at your event. Why take a chance on your special day?


*Opening for Eric Church at the Prudential Center 
*Playing at KFC's NYC Corporate event for their world wide release of their new "Nashville" style chicken product 
*Head lining on country music day at MusikFest in PA 
*Released our first album, Kings & Queens of Country which is being very well received with international airplay. 


Tour Dates
 Contact Jeff @ 908-655-6696 or Info@NashEast.com
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